How do you shine in the cosmetic industry?

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The cosmetic industry in the U.S alone is valued at over $56 billion, it is therefore not surprising when the industry players use all means necessary to increase their market share. It is critical to identify the right technique to advertise to the masses and get your product noticed. It is now evident that the cosmetics shopper is now using the internet more than ever. The report ‘Marketing Beauty with Internet Beast’ by Mary Kemp shows that the daily cosmetic user will favor the internet for their beauty needs. This could be due to the fact that the internet provides more variety and most importantly, information with more than half of the cosmetics shoppers who go online ending up purchasing the products.

Majority of cosmetics users are women, their main source of information being online research and word of mouth. There are many online articles that shoppers can use to get this information and it is only obvious for manufacturers to tap into this phenomenon for their own benefit. There are various ways of writing articles that will lead to a purchase. There are articles that are specific to products and that have step to step instructions on how to get the product, there are others that mention the products and give necessary links so that the readers can access the products. It is however very essential that people find these articles through SOEs (Search Engine Optimization) and when they find them, they should be captivating and have the ability to connect with reader. It is therefore necessary that web based content be outsourced to a professional content writer who will create quality content which has the appropriate tone, either professional or friendly depending on your needs. SEO content writing makes your web site and its content attractive. Often, manufacturers to get stuck at the cost of doing this, but the facts are clear, the benefits outweigh the cost.

Why should you engage a good web content service provider?

i.     A website with good content is more likely to bond with the consumer and has a high chance of turning them to buyers.

ii.     Search engines are grabbing more market share. 80-90% of shoppers search for product reviews before purchasing it therefore making it indispensable for manufacturers to increase their presence online.

iii.     Not having enough and regular content may be damaging to websites. Most search engines review their search algorithms daily and if your content is not dynamic enough, the website risks falling behind.

iv.     SOE provides a fairly cheaper ROI compared to other online marketing schemes.

v.     If you are not moving forward and covering a higher position, you risk losing ground to your competitors.

In summary, it is essential for any cosmetic business to have a working SEO strategy to complement their marketing. In this day and age, people engage using the internet and it is important for businesses to engage with their customers. Having good website content can never be over-emphasized.

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